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Vastu Shankh Yantra – Peaceful and Prosperous Living without any changes.

Vimal Jhajharia spreads the knowledge of Vastu Yantra abroad. Vastu corrections without any kind of demolition is gaining its popularity all over the world everyday by leaps and bounds using the vastu shankh yantra to overcome any kind of vastu problems

Internationally renowned vastu expert, Vimal Jhajharia’s famous Vastu yantra, a powerful conch shell filled with metallic substances helps you to convert your living and working areas in such a way that all the people in the premises ensure proper health, wealth and prosperity. It creates a rhythm and balance in the atmosphere to ensure a better life.

He has enlightened his clients about the charged conch shell filled with metallic substances to create positive energy & to do vastu corrections without any kind of demolition or changes.

Vimal’s immensely popular Vastu shankha yantra, a powerful conch shell filled with metallic substances, is a divine gift given from his Guruji, the Great Himalayan Saint, Swami Murghanandji.

Vimal has also mastered vastu under the able guidance of his father Mr. N.K. Jhajharia who has written various books on vastu. Vimal is now being helped by his son Vikas, an MBA from Australia to spread this unique knowledge all over the world.

Vimal says, “Vastu Shankh Yantra has the potential to add value to your business. In case of already existing premises vastu yantra can help proper flow of energy without doing any kind of demolition or changes to increase profitability.”

He stresses on the fact that it is not necessary to demolish or reconstruct any part of the house, office, factory etc to enjoy vastu benefits but the same can be observed by using the vastu shankh yantras correctively. “Now more and more businesses are consciously taking advantage of the Vastu shankh yantra’s energies”, adds Vikas.

Endorsing the shankh yantra this time is Mr Mahesh Kejriwal, a well known businessman of Kolkatta. Mr Kejriwal says that he had been following vastu from a long time and had done various changes to his house but didn’t get much satisfaction.

He got to know about Vimalji and Vikasji through one of his industrialist friend and decided to try the yantras in his house. As soon as the yantras were installed he started felling a lot of peace and happiness in the house. He then invited Vikasji to his offices and workplaces and started getting miraculous results overnight.

Mr Kejriwal further informs, “The yantras have been working from day one at my sites and I had even got them installed in the heavy machines in my Mining Sites in Orissa where the productivity of the machines increased remarkably”. Vikas adds, “We had tried for the first time yantras in the heavy machines at Mr Kejriwal’s sites and seeing the astounding results we went on to use them in other people’s factories as well to get the same magical results”.

Vimalji modestly adds it is not a magic, it is a simple science and one should expect positive results from this.

Mr. Jhajharia has successfully conducted various seminars on his vastu yantra all over the world and this time in Los Angeles, USA, he conducted 2 seminars in a span of 5 days which were attended by a large number of white people who have started following Mr Jhajharia quite religiously. Miss Dona li from Hong Kong has been continuously spreading Vimal’s Vastu yantras in Hong Kong and China successfully after herself gaining immensely from it.

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