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About Vastu Shastra India | The Relationship Between Vastu Shastra And Astrology

The relationship between Vastu Shastra and Astrology is eternal. To put it in a simpler way, we can understand it by knowing that when the number ‘one’ is put before another number ‘one’ we call it eleven but when the number ‘one’ is deducted from number ‘ one’ we obtain a zero.

What it means in our context is that both Vastu shastra principles and astrology are useful. If a person has constructed a house in accordance with Vastu and is passing through a favorable period astrologically, the effect of their combination is multiplied manifold. In case either one is weak or unfavorable, negative influences take place.

Vastu Shastra (vāstu śāstra, also Vastu Veda, “science of construction”, “architecture”) is a traditional Hindu system of design based on directional alignments. The science of vastu is based on the concept of space (subtle energy) as a dynamic element out of which all objects of nature come into existence and into which all disappear, ultimately.

The main aim of vastu science is to create building spaces to live in harmony with subtle nature. The inner space of an individual and the outer space in the cosmos vibrate at a particular frequency or rhythm. If a part of the vast space is isolated and enclosed by a four-walled structure, called a building, it becomes a living organism and the enclosed space starts vibrating at a particular frequency.

The architect trained in the science and technology of vastu and designs the building in such a way that its vibrations are numerically equal to the vibrations of the occupants which is determined by their birth stars. This is made possible by a special calculation maintained in vastu technology.

About Vastu Shastra India | Tips In Constructing A Building

Here, we are giving only auspicious combinations of stars regarding construction of building, according to which anybody can take a decision about construction of a building:

  1. If the ascendant Lord is in the fourth house and the Lord of the fourth house is in the first house.
  2. If the Lord of the fourth House is powerful, placed in the center (kendra) and expected by benefits.
  3. If the lord of Navamansha of the lord of fourth house has occupied a ‘sign’ and the lord of navamansha of the lord of that ‘sign’ occupies a central place.
  4. If the lords of second and eleventh houses are positioned in the fourth house and the lord of fourth house is in conjunction with each other. They are expected for benefits.
  5. If both the lords of ascendant and fourth houses, are positioned in the fourth house or in the first house and are either exalted or occupy their own signs.
  6. If both the fourth house and its lord are in watery sign or if the benefactor (karaka) of the fourth house (Moon or Mercury) is in a water sign, then a person gets land etc. from his brothers, wife or wins it from the enemies, without any effort.

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