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Vastu Expert India: Vastu Kalp Kendra is the only organization which is wholly devoted to the Vastu Development by performing researches, conducting courses, organizing seminars and workshops. Its directors Shi Nand Kishore Jhajharia and Shri Vimal Jhajharia has a vision to provide easy Vastu solution to the mankind at a minimum cost.

Vastu Expert India | Shri Nand Kishore Jhajharia

Shri Nand Kishore Jhajharia was born at Kanpur on 5th December 1932. Being an Industrialist he was elected President of Merchants Chamber of Commerce -U.P.

Shri Jhajharia has been working on Vastu Shastra India from the last 25 years. He has widely traveled all over the world and delivered his lectures on Vastu matters. He has been felicitated several times for his outstanding knowledge on Vastu and also won several awards of national and international fame.

Besides this, Mr. Jhajharia is also the author of the book” Bhartiya Bhawan Nirman Yojna” on Vastu Shastra in English as well as in Hindi. This book contains various thoughts on Vastu including ancient and modern Indian Concepts and also the Chinese version of Vastu-”Feng Shui”. The book has been highly acclaimed by the various organisations of the country and is in great demand by all categories of people.

Vastu Expert India | Shri Vimal Jhajharia

Shri Vimal Jhajharia is an illustrious son of illustrious father. After completing his schooling from Scindia School Gwalior he did his Bachelors in Commerce and began his journey into Vastu exploration. His expertise in Vastu corrections without any kind of demolition, has brought a major revolution in Vastu Shastra. Thus providing all the benefits of vastu at minimum cost both in terms of money and time.

He has delivered many lectures at various cities , he has also conducted workshops and seminars on Vastu India(Above photograph highlights one of the seminar being conducted at , Delhi)

He has widely traveled and provided consultancy on major projects from inception stage as well as projects already in operation.

Vastu Expert India | Shri Vimal Jhajharia Research Work

Under the able guidance of Shri Nand Kishore Jhajharia and Shri Vimal Jhajharia a team of scholars works on the Vastu Shastra regularly. In Vastu Kalp Kendra scholars do research work on the various old testaments Vedas and other ancient mythological scripts, trying to find the various impacts of ancient pictures and holy signs on human life, which are still a mystery. Thus always providing effective and cost reducing Vastu remedies

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