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Vastu India | A Mechanism And Directly Related To Your Destiny

Vastu India is like a mechanism. It is directly related to your destiny. So it will always help to improve it. For example if you have a car you cannot expect it to give you the performance of an air craft. Likewise a good Vastu India will always improve your financial status and working conditions.

Vastu India | Tips On How To Improve Financial Status

  • Money and valuables should be kept in an Almirah or safe facing north
  • If north is blocked it can be cured with the help of regulators
  • If north of any house is blocked it blocks prosperity
  • A boring or tube well in south is very harmful for finance
  • A pit or under ground tank in south is also very harmful for finance. Certain pictures of god goddess and proper placement of mirrors brings financial gains in the house
  • Water flowing from north to east is very good
  • A water fountain in the north east part of the house or factory is very good
  • An aquarium with 9 gold fish and one black fish, in the north east corner/portion of the house or factory is very good

Vastu India |  The Science Of Direction, Movement And Architecture

According to Wikipedia, Vastu India is the “science of direction, movements and architecture that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the man and the material.” Needless to say, this energy also makes a great difference in the environment we live in.

Vastu India expert Vimal Jhajharia says that one can experience the mechanism and magic of Vastu directly or indirectly. It is relevant to one’s destiny, so if a better implication of Vastu has been done, it will make a difference. For that, go for a Vastu Shank Yantra. Its installation has always yielded fruits of good financial status and working conditions.

Wondering what this yantra can do? Vimal Says, “Any plot has four corners. So does a building. If this yantra is installed in the foundation of a newly-constructed building, it directly charges all the four corners and gives energy. This yantra not only eliminates the negativity of the ground but also enhances and maintains the positive energy associated with the place of work and people.”

Patronising Vimal’s version is Shashi Kant Kanoi, a businessman, who shared, “There was disturbance and tension in my business, but when I got to know about this yantra through Vimal, I was relieved. He suggested that I should install a Shank Vastu Yantra at my factory tea garden. And within two months, I started feeling a sense of positive energy. My work started gaining momentum and things started occurring at a smoother pace.”

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