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Vastu Shastra India| How to improve the positive energy in your home or workplace?


Here is the Vastu shastra India consultant who improves the positive energy surrounding your home or the workplace without any changes in the structure of your home or work place.

Most Vastu shastra India consultants will advise you certain demolitions and re constructions which result in cost and inconvenience. Vastukalp has a speciality to achieve miraculous results without embarking upon any such demolition.

“…Mr. Vimal’s claim of changing the fortune of a vastu without any demolition appealed to me. So I took his services. I must say that the results have been fantastic…” Mr. Ramesh Khimji Oman

Vastu shastra India is an ancient Indian science that reveals the secrets of using universal energy flows for the benefit of the inmates of an enclosed space such as a home or a place of work.

Vastu shastra India literally means building, shastra means science.

Vimal Jhajharia is a Vastu shastra India Expert – the land of sages & wise men who discovered secrets of man’s welfare and happiness. Mr. Vimal was born to a prominent businessman Sh. Nand Kishore Jhajharia at Kanpur.

He exhibited an enchantment with Indology while studying at Scindia School at Gwalior in India. He graduated in commerce & joined the family business but soon devoted himself fully to vastu shastra India.

In 1984, on his birthday he got an inner feeling that the life pattern must change. After a long wait his father consented to send him to Swami Murghanand ji Sarswati, a highly revered guru and a sage.

Mr. Vimal’s inner self instantly conveyed that he has found the Guru, whose knowledge is truly Himalayan.

It is with the blessing of Swami Murghanand ji Sarswati that Mr. Vimal decided to offer the solutions based on these secrets to people in need. Thus vastukalp service was born.

Mr. Vimal Jhajharia supplies an entire package comprising of: consultation, assistance and the required charms (“yantras”) which are special to the Indian ancient science of vastu shastra India. This entails giving a complete assessment of the existing features of the vastu shastra India that is the building in which the home or the work place is housed and then suggesting the necessary actions and changes.

The emphasis is on achieving significant results in terms of achieving a lift in the positive energy levels and prosperity of the home or the place of work. There is a continuing guidance from Mr. Vimal Jhajharia to fine tune the suggested changes in the light of the resulting atmosphere and positive energy.

Mr. Vimal in his long experience realized that several people were living their lives in abodes that were inappropriate for achieving their life’s goals, prosperity and peace of mind.

His Himalian guru His Holiness Swami Murghanand Ji Saraswati bestowed upon him a divine gift of shell yantra which is a conch shell charged with positive energy that brings instant change in the energy levels of the environment.

This vastukalp service was created with the intention of bringing relief to the people who are in a constant quest for happiness and release from their day to day problems.

In a way this is a blessing given by Swami Ji being shared with the clients of Mr. Vimal.

  • Vastu For House – this involves assessing the plot of land its shape, direction, slope and texture. A detailed consultation is provided on the positions of the room, windows, doors and water bodies.
  • Vastu For Offices – this involves complete assessment of the appropriateness of the location, position of the rooms, seating arrangements, directions of the key personnel and position of the treasury.
  • Vastu For Shops – this involves a complete package about the appropriateness of the location of the shop, positions of the counters and the consultation on increasing the flow of business.

“…I have been using Mr. Vimal’s Vastukalp services for the last 10 years in Dubai. His unique services of vastu improvements without demolition have brought me immense benefits by way of prosperity and general well-being. He is great to work with”… Mr. Naresh B. Mohnani Dubai

  • Vastu For Factory - is meant for those who would like to construct an industrial complex or a facility. A detailed consultation and implementation strategy is offered with regards to the direction of the shade, natural lighting, water bodies, position of the offices, direction of flow of materials, seating of people and positions of the offices and key personnel.
  • Vastu For Townships – this involves complete planning of the township for maximizing the positive feeling of the environment.
  • Vastu For Plot – This includes from the selection of land, charging and correcting of land, making land more powerful, planning the land for construction of the building (vastu) on the principles of positive energy.

“…Mr. Vimal is an excellent human being and I’m pleased to have him as my Vastu consultant”…Shalin Bhojwani Dubai

  • Vastu For Interiors – when a house is already constructed, there are many options available for amplifying the positive energy which results in general well-being of the inmates. Vastukalp helps in advising on re-orientation and arrangement of the interiors and features.
  • Corrections To The Existing Buildings – there are many buildings which have violated the principles of vastu. Vastukalp helps in devising feasible solutions that can be implemented to correct the energy flow and enhance the positive atmosphere that leads to solving existing problems.
  • Colour Aspects of Vastu – Vastu shastra India depends a lot on colour energy. It helps in recommending colour patterns and schemes to enhance the positive energy.

What Benefits do Vastu shastra India provide?

  1. More positive energy around them
  2. When positive energy is there, it converts into a thinking process that brings better results
  3. It changes the attitude of a person and makes him more attuned to signals which are beneficial to him which are already in existence but so far he was not receiving them
  4. Ultimately, it converts into mental peace and prosperity, good health and financial benefits
  5. It promotes an attitude of atonement to divine forces thereby giving an immense sense of power to the user of the vastu

As a result of all our benefits the client achieves a level of happiness which was not possible earlier in spite of repeated and intense efforts which now is possible with the assistance and atonement of the universal energy.

Vastu Shastra India solves:

  1. Loss in business
  2. Loss in industrial production
  3. Loss of Job
  4. Lack of mental peace
  5. Problems in relationship
  6. Disharmony
  7. Financial difficulties
  8. Lack of progress
  9. Lack of success of career
  10. Quality of product
  11. More breakdowns
  12. Less production
  13. Customer complaints
  14. Labor unrest
  15. Health problems for the inmates of the house
  16. No sales
  17. More expenses in houses
  18. Constant hurdles in endeavours

We visit and survey your premises and hold a detailed consultation about the problems faced by the client. Mr. Vimal pinpoints the exact outlets and leaks from where the energy is lost. And also an assessment is made of the points and directions from where beneficial energy is being blocked.

A complete analysis of the energy flow is conducted and a solution is devised to be implemented by the client. Mr. Vimal is available for consultation even during the process of implementation of his recommendations.

Finally, Mr. Vimal also installs the required yantras which are crucial for amplifying the flaus of positive energy and stoppage of negative energy. In short the client gets a complete solution as the package.

Vastu shastra India helps in creating more positive energy around you. It is not a magic but a science based on ancient principles.

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